Let your child climb the 7-step ladder of STEM success

The 7-level program advances from basic model building to comprehensive robotics with each progression. The levels integrate the fundamentals of STEM for machine learning, programming & building robots. At each level, children shall overcome different challenges that will contribute to their overall development.
Level 1 – Funtronix

The first level induces the learning of basic electronics. A modular Funtronix kit makes robotics fun for children as they dissect & experiment with different parts. More than 70 experiments can be made with this kit. Hobbytronics creates early interest in engineering & involves a child-friendly process.

Level 2 – Robotrix

The second level emphasizes on mechanics with functioning & movement. The Metrix Kit allows children to create multiple designs & understand concepts like torque & acceleration. They also learn to control models with a remote device. Several competitions are held at this level that makes it an engaging & fun experience.

Level 3 – Solarix

At this level, children understand the basics of wireless communications & radio frequency concepts without programming. There is a new kit for level 3 is utilized for this level. The children learn making auto-bots with open & closed circuits using creative designs. They are also introduced to solar powered devices for a firm foundation in technology.

Level 4 – RoboVI

The fourth level comprises of visual programming to design autonomous robots using stated conditions. Logic building is an essential aspect of this level as it will develop a strong base for advanced levels. The children learn UART communications, which is imperative in wireless technology. Input & output circuits play an important role at this stage.

c robo
Level 5 – C-Robo

This is an advanced level wherein children learn to build autonomous robots with embedded C programming. It introduces them to functions for simplifying complex mechanisms by giving proper flexibility & variability. This level equips students with embedded C programming skills required to make advanced level robots.

Level 6 – Embetrix

The sixth level takes embedded C programming to the next stage. It teaches children the application of embedded system with read world applications. They learn to build prototypes, coding robots and build robotics arm with 4 degrees of freedom. At this level, children thoroughly learn to bring their STEM learning into execution.

walk obotz
Level 7 – Walk O’Botz

The final level of O’Botz introduces children to humanoids. They learn the functioning of the humanoid with 16 degrees of freedom & better movement. Timing & Balance of the robot are major elements that they learn. They can create unique moves for robots and utilize their creative skills as much as they want.