O’Botz is your child’s friend for
machine, electronics & programming-based learning

It is a multi-disciplinary robotics program with a specially designed curriculum to teach young children about robotics. STEM learning is the building blocks of this program allowing children to think scientifically & evolve technically.

The program utilizes hands-on activities to engage a child’s curious mind. Children learn to experiment, innovate & build robotic models & machines throughout the 7 progressive levels of the course.

Develops children into
innovative inventors & smart individuals

Children learn to explore the limitless possibilities in their imaginative mind. They build robots, make intelligent circuit connections & build functional models that fosters analytical thinking, creativity & develops children into exceptional problem solvers.

Our practical approach encourages children to implement techniques & tools necessary for building projects. We make
STEM learning a fun activity that keeps children involved & enables them to encounter challenges. The whole process develops better cognitive abilities & allows children to think outside the box of learning & imagination.

Transform the way children think &
how their mind works

  • The program nurtures the application of scientific methods in children.
  • It cultivates creativity in STEM & instills a natural curiosity towards machine learning.
  • The progressions develop an inclination for entrepreneurship & innovation.
  • It introduces children to effective programming skills for success in future technology.
  • The program deconstructs the complexity of robotics into simple & fun learning.