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Make Learning Stem Fun With Coding Toys For Kids

Make Learning Stem Fun With Coding Toys For Kids

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Do you have a little tinkerer at home who loves building things? Do you want to nurture this interest and skill of theirs, and help it grow into something productive? Then, you have reached the right place!

The best way to develop and sustain your child’s interest in STEM, Coding & Programming is to make use of ‘Coding Toys’ that are both fun and educational.

These toys are super easy to understand and super fun to begin with. They come with little instructions that allow your child to get a head start in STEM learning in the most entertaining way.

Now, I’m sure that there are tons of toys for kids out there to help them foster their love for STEM, Coding & Programming; and it becomes quite overwhelming as a parent to find the right ones for your kids. But, O’Botz- A multidisciplinary Robotics & Coding Program uses the most effective coding toys for kids to help grow your child’s love for STEM Education and lets them explore the best of all the worlds!

Here are some of the benefits of ‘Coding Toys’ for kids:

  • Cost-Effective

Technology is expensive; there is no doubt about that. But that doesn’t mean the pathway to it should be expensive as well. You can begin your child’s career in STEM with inexpensive Coding & Programming toys that come as cheap as under 10$ and are a great investment.

  • Zero Screen Time

Playing with Coding Toys gives your children a much needed screen break and keep their eyes safe from the constant exposure of UV rays from the screen. It’s one of the best ways to cut down your child’s screen time.

  • No Electricity Needed

Despite what you may think, most of the beginners’ coding toys do not require the use of electricity to get them to function. So, you don’t have to worry about your child being in harm while working on one of the projects. There are tons of toys out there that can be made and functioned perfectly well without any additional requirements.

  • Hands-on Approach

These toys are the first and foremost way of having hands on approach when it comes to STEM learning. It makes children feel as if they are actually doing something worthwhile and productive than just playing and having fun.

  • Encourages Human Interaction

Coding Toys are a great conversation-starter with your friends for there is so much you can talk about when it comes to STEM, Coding & Programming with your friends. It encourages human interaction which in turn develops your child’s social skills.

Now that you are made aware of all the magical benefits of ‘Coding Toys’, why don’t you head out and get one for your child, and begin their STEM journey? Or if you are not too sure about which one to get for your child, then why don’t you enrol them in our ‘Free Trial Class’ and see for yourself how we make use of different toys, tools and methods to make learning STEM fun and educational. So, what is it going to be?


Read more to know the advantages of robotics courses

Why Is Robotics Education Necessary For Youngsters?

Why Is Robotics Education Necessary For Youngsters?

Read more to know the advantages of robotics courses

Robotics is a discipline of technology concerned with the construction, programming, and designing of robots. Robotics for kids encompasses all of the hands-on activities that assist in teaching children about STEM topics as they have fun building robots and seeing their creations come to life.

It would not be wrong to state that robots have benefited the planet as a whole in a variety of ways. Furthermore, it has been discovered that adding robotics into the curriculum at a young age is the most effective strategy to introduce students to STEM ideas and to enhance the overall STEM pipeline.

Robotics should be introduced into the classroom and into the lives of young children as soon as possible, as the whole future depends on it.

Here are 5 advantages of taking Robotic Courses for children:

1.Algorithmic Reasoning

Algorithmic thinking is a derivative of computer science and coding. It teaches children how to solve issues by breaking things down into step-by-step procedures. Robotics Education will help your child to become the problem-solvers they never thought they could be.

2.Robotics teaches Twenty-First Century Skills

Teaching Robotics to youngsters introduces them to a new set of self-expression tools. With round-the-clock technological progress on horizon, children in the coming future will need to be more prepared for technological advancements than ever before, and an education in Robotics will help them do that.


Robotics and STEM Education makes young children work on their creative aspects in order to create something out of the box. Working with like-minded youngsters with all having different ideas and thoughts regarding technological development, creativity is the most essential skill that your child will work on in order to enhance themselves.


Learning robotics is difficult for younger children since it’s a field that they have never explored before. It will definitely take them a lot of time to adapt them but that’s the best part of the whole process. It teaches them the much-needed skill of perseverance that otherwise would have been difficult to understand.


Participation and hands-on learning in STEM activities increase young children’s involvement, which improves their focus and attention span. It has been discovered that when children learn via play or physical activities, they are more likely to continue learning and developing.

For parents, it may appear that early STEM education is a lot of pressure on children, but you certainly cannot overlook all of the benefits that come from allowing your children to be a part of STEM Education and enabling them to be someone who could change the world for the better.

This is why you should encourage young children to study robotics, which is breaking new ground in teaching approaches all around the world each passing day. And there is no better way of doing that than enrolling your children in O’Botz, a multi-disciplinary Robotics and Coding Program, that will get them ready to tackle a technological driven future!

Discover all the different ways STEM activities stimulate young minds.

Why Robotic Courses Are The Trendiest Afterschool Programs?

Why Robotic Courses Are The Trendiest Afterschool Programs?

Discover all the different ways STEM activities stimulate young minds.

After school programs are quite in demand right now and for all the right reasons. With so much competition going around amongst youngsters, these programs are a sure way to inculcate a new hobby or interest apart from academics that would bring a difference to their lives.

Robotics courses are one of the amazing after school programs among several out there. They are so unique in nature that parents simply cannot resist enrolling their children in these programs. You might be wondering what all the fuss is about and you would not be wrong to.

STEM programs are designed in a way that not only stimulates your young one’s mind but also equip them with skills so they are ready to face the future. Following are the reasons why Robotics courses can help enhance your child’s abilities, and get them future-ready.

Inspires Innovation

Innovation is not just a word anymore but it’s the way of life. Everyone wants to do things differently, uniquely; but just don’t know how to. This is because innovation or inspiration just doesn’t come to you. You need to have skills for it.

This is where robotics afterschool program come into the picture. These programs challenge your child’s intellectual capabilities which in turn make them think and generate innovative ideas. The deeper they delve into the program, the more they realize that there is so much more left to explore in this vast world. This provides a unique sense of satisfaction and opportunity that there are still things people haven’t been exposed to, and your child could be the one todo it.

Improves Perseverance

Perseverance is not a natural habit but an acquired one. We all are diligent about something or the other that matters to us. But these STEM courses make your children diligent at all the right things.

It shows your children what all is needed to have a good life and how you should attain it. In a way, it changes the way your child sees the world.

Hands on Experience using Robot Kits

Robot kits are new favourite toys of kids these days. They are cool, fun, artistic, and challenging that gets your child right in the mood for some healthy competition. Robotics courses usually begin their classes with these kits to get children’s interest grooving.

Theory is an important aspect of any course, sure, but it won’t bring out any results unless children actually get to experience what they have been taught. This is why these courses are trending now as they provide in depth practical knowledge along with theoretical.

Self-Learning Ability

Now saying that Robotics courses improves a child’s self-learning ability will sound ironic as they are going to an after school program to learn that very same thing. But here’s the thing, in their early years, children needs that extra something that will help stimulate their mind and get their creative juices running.

Once they are apt at what they do, they won’t need to depend on any other program to develop them in the future. This self-learning ability will last for life time and your child will always be curious to know and learn more things.

As we have seen there are so many hidden benefits of STEM education besides improving your child’s technical skills, it is the right time and age to enrol your child in one of these courses.

At this age, their tender mind will be quick to adapt the changes and will be more open to learn something new and exciting. So, if you are looking to make good use of your child’s free time, then do enrol them in Obotz Robotics and Coding program, which is a multi-disciplinary STEM-based program to develop your child’s critical thinking and enhance their creativity.

Obotz Robotics for Kids Classes Robotics Course Canada 1

Canadian Kids are Developing their Math & Science Skills with Robotics | O’Botz

Canadian Kids are Developing their Math & Science Skills with Robotics | O’Botz

Kids Robotics is increasingly getting popular in Canada. Know how O’Botz Robotics course can help your child develop academic capabilities, including science and math.

Be it blocks, remote-controlled car or puzzles, children simply love to create using their imagination. If channelized properly, this desire of theirs can be used to develop a lifelong love for science and math. With the rise of innovative learning methods, academicians and parents are looking towards kids robotics to teach their children in novel ways.

Robotics for kids is interesting, engaging and gets your child really excited. But getting exposed to robotics is not just about having a fun time, it’s all about learning essential concepts of math and science. Let’s explore more.

Enhancing Math Capabilities

For many children, math does not come easy and naturally, especially when they have to go beyond the basic concepts. It becomes difficult for them as they progress in their grades. Kids robotics is helping address that concern.

While designing and building robotic models, children are exposed to the application of numbers, calculations and other math concepts. They get real-life application experience of how numbers and calculations work while working with different components. From simple calculations like addition, and subtraction to advanced inter-related concepts where they determine speed, accuracy, robotics for kids is an interactive means of letting children learn and develop their math.

Developing Love for Science 

Robotics is all about science and technology. While studying robotic courses and designing models, children explore various concepts of science and apply it in real life. If they design a robotic crane to lift materials, they have to apply their understanding of mass, force, speed, strength and more. If they are making a solar-powered car, they are using the concepts of electricity and harnessing solar power.

So, when a child works and progresses in their robotics, they explore finer and deeper aspects of science, which also developing their logic, judgment, analysis and application skills. If you wish to explore more and know why your child must learn robotics, click here.

Registering your child in O’Botz Robotics course is a great way to start your child’s journey in robotics. It is a multi-disciplinary program for children aged 8+ years and certain to develop your child’s academic aptitude.

To find O’Botz Robotic classes near you, click here or call: 1877-826-2790

Children Must Learn Robotics! Do You Know Why?

Children Must Learn Robotics! Do You Know Why?

Children Must Learn Robotics! Do You Know Why?


According to recent studies, artificial intelligence, robotics, and machine learning is defining our present and will shape our future. To compete successfully and live a life of self-esteem, children must not only be intelligent but also technologically smart. Robotics education is their best companion in this regard. Robotics is a practical method to introduce children to programming concepts and structure building as well as engineering.

Robotics is a totally new experience that sparks a child’s interest in STEM education and most importantly, builds skills for the future. The engaging application of robotics for kids helps to develop a strong base of creativity, innovation and rational thinking. It not only makes children critical thinkers but also strengthens their logical capabilities. Moreover, children turn out to be life-long learners as they nurture their sense of curiosity.

Why Is Robotics Education Important for Children?

  • Engagement: Robotics courses provide hands-on learning activities to help children to improve their concentration power. As they are engaged in new concepts, they develop their love for learning.
  • Coding: Developing technology is as useful as using it. Computer coding and other technologically driven communication skills are the foundation of robotics. A child must be exposed to programming and coding. Well, there are already multiple career opportunities in this field. State-of-the-art robotics programs simplify coding by turning it into practical lessons.
  • Curiosity and Fun: Robotics classes ignites the fun part of the brain and makes children more curious towards STEM education. Typically, the power of curiosity fades away as a child grows. But, robotics feeds curiosity with the right resources.
  • Preparedness: With artificial intelligence gaining momentum, the present generation of children must be prepared for technological changes today.
  • Community Involvement: Teaching robotics through interactive and exciting methods creates a sense of community within the students; the team of Robotics learners expands to the outside community where they live. So, children naturally take pride over what they have learnt and presented to the other communities.
  • Teamwork: Robotics courses promote the culture of teamwork as children are explored in a learning environment where they have to discuss concepts and bring about the solutions together.
  • Launching Pad: There is no exaggeration in stating that robotics education can be a launch pad for children to realize their passion. Students can explore various learning pathways. It is indeed amazing to see their passions grow.
  • Communication Across Technologies: Robotics teaches children how to communicate across different technological platforms. Kids are exposed to innovative and extremely useful technologies.

O’Botz kids robotics program revolves around the vision of creating technologically capable children who have the potential to transform the field of engineering and science with critical thinking, creativity and innovation. Expose your child to an exciting and engaging approach towards robotics today!