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Robotics & STEM Education Made Easy with our O’Botz Program for Kids!

Robotics & STEM Education Made Easy with our O’Botz Program for Kids!

Inform parents why they should invest in STEM Toys with the idea of influencing them to enrol them in our Nano program

Robotics can be very tempting for children who are not naturally inclined to the field of technology and engineering but are fascinated by robots. As a parent, you can help to foster this fascination by helping them learn coding which is extremely beneficial as machines are becoming an essential part of our tech-savvy world. Therefore, anyone who understands robots is a person whose unique skill set will be in great demand in the future. This makes STEM education all the more important at the elementary level, where students can learn the basics of robotics, coding and electronics.

Why You Should Enroll Your Child in a Robotics Program:

  • Hands-On Learning Approach

Most if not all adults tend to learn much easier when actively learning with their hands, this is the same with children. Robotics involves a completely a hands-on learning approach through a trial-and-error method that allows them to learn from their mistakes. Be it from the perspective of tightening the screws, debugging, and even solving any issues related to the physical model of the robot.

  • All STEM Education Fields are Inter-Connected

Robotics intersects the math, engineering, tech, and science fields altogether. Right from coding to designing a robot that completes the task it is designed to do is something that demands a higher interdisciplinary knowledge and makes the student go through a series of tasks based solely on learning by doing. Robotics, involving electronics and coding, is an integral part of STEM education that embodies problem-based learning and practical learning through experimentation.

  • Implementation of Robotics

So how do you actually introduce coding robots into the curriculum?
The idea is to expose students to problems whilst allowing them to see their curriculum’s theory at work right in front of them. Hence, a carefully designed curriculum is required, or else the niche understandings can easily overwhelm a learner who isn’t ready.

Here are 3 ways we at O’Botz allow for STEM-based learning through experiential learning:

  •  Teach Students to Build their Own Robots

This activity encourages creativity with our students having to think about how their STEM education can be applied to everyday use. This perfectly relates to how the real tech world market works and how they can actively work to solve problems through technology. Our students are taught how to build robots and make intelligent circuit connections that foster analytical thinking and creativity over the course of our program made up of seven different levels. The gradual progression through our program allows our students to draw upon their teachings and work at their own pace on their robotic kits, levelling up as they master each level.

  • Hold a Competition Based on Robot Functionality

This activity is designed to allow our students to showcase the skills they have acquired after being enrolled in our program through healthy competition. Our students are required to maximize efficiency and think creatively in building innovative machines after undergoing robotics training according to the level of robotics they are studying. Students are given tasks to complete using the knowledge and skills they have been taught over the course of their program, exposing them to a real-world competitive environment, allowing them to test their mettle against their peers!

  • Find Errors in a Given Code within a Time Limit

We design code for our annual Code Wars competition, after which we add specific errors to it and have our students find and fix the errors. This activity is designed to stimulate quick and decisive thinking with a clear problem-solving objective through healthy competition.

O’Botz introduces STEM education in its specially designed curriculum with the help of highly trained instructors who are trained to impart the right kind of training and knowledge to our students in a fun and engaging way. Don’t delay! We have everything your children need to design, build and program robots! Get in touch with us today to help make your children the builders of tomorrow!

Inform parents why they should invest in STEM Toys with the idea of influencing them to enrol them in our Nano program

10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Coding Toys for Kids!

10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Coding Toys for Kids!

Inform parents why they should invest in STEM Toys with the idea of influencing them to enrol them in our Nano program

As a parent, you have probably heard the words ‘Coding Toys’ spoken frequently in your social
circles, right? But what are these ‘Coding Toys’ that everyone keeps going on about, and how
can they help your children?

Coding toys are designed to introduce your children to the basic concepts of STEM (Science,
Technology, Engineering, and Math) through educational play. There are many different kinds of
coding toys that encourage these STEM concepts, right from simple building blocks to complex
child-friendly robots.

These specially manufactured coding toys are designed to stimulate your children’s minds and
provide them with a better educational experience.

If you are considering buying new toys that promote learning and are also fun to play with then
here are 10 reasons why you should invest in coding toys for kids

  • Offers New Challenges

How do robots work? Why not allow your children to build their own and find out? From simple
coding toys aimed at toddlers to robot-building kits for teens, STEM coding toys present new
and exciting challenges across all ages. Once your children master the concepts of a coding toy,
there’s always a more challenging one to play with.

  • Spend Quality Time Together

While a lot of STEM toys can be rather simple (puzzles or blocks), others that are a bit more
complex may require adult intervention. Complex coding toys often require both children and
parents to work together to solve the problems, spending quality time together in the process.

  •  Replace Passive Screens with Hands-On Activity

Replacing passive screen time with active hands-on play activity through coding toys is vital for
your children’s health as the WHO recommends that children should spend as little time sitting
in front of screens as possible. Playing with hands-on coding toys such as the O’Botz take-away
robotic kits can fire up your child’s mind, sparking off their imagination as well as improving their
practical thinking skills both in class as well as at home.

  •  Opens Up Your Children’s Imagination

With STEM careers being so high in demand there are a wide variety of STEM coding toys for
kids, making it so much more likely for you to find a toy that appeals to your children’s
imagination. Whether they are interested in technology, robotics, science, physics, astronomy,
mathematics, engineering, chemistry, or biology – there’s a toy for every child!

  •  Enhances Free Play

Open-ended coding toys such as robotic kits can help in enhancing your children’s imaginative
world. Children can build their own elaborate machines with our take-away robotic kits –
constructing feats of engineering in just a few minutes.

  •  Introduces Complex Concepts through Play

The simplest toys can help teach your children the basics of STEM concepts they’ll need further
on down the road – unknowingly or not. Using toy blocks can help in teaching shapes, ratios,
addition, subtraction, and building complex robots helps in instilling a basic understanding of

  •  Coding Toys Encompass Thousands of Options

Coding toys for kids aren’t limited to just computers and robots. Dolls, marble runs, magnetic
lines, and building blocks can all be considered STEM toys. Any toy that promotes an aspect of
these disciplines is a STEM toy. Check out our O’Botz Nano program to introduce your child to
STEM in a fun and playful way early on!

  •  Encourages Learning

Coding toys get the brain moving! Our students are presented with problems to solve,
guidelines to follow, and solutions to find – sometimes all at the same time. Children are
hard-wired to learn through play, and coding toys for kids help get the ball rolling on those
brand-new neural pathways.

  •  Develops Skills in Core Areas

Many educators believe that children learn about complex math concepts like geometry by
playing with simple wooden blocks. Nurture your children’s early motor skill development by
introducing them to shape sorters and other simple coding toys from a young age, you can even
opt to enroll them in early after school programs!

  •  Introduces Them to Career Possibilities

Allowing your children to play with coding toys will help them discover the bigger world through
their play, giving them new tools to explore and foster an interest in a future prospective career.
The meteoric demand for STEM careers in the last few decades has been nothing short of
incredible. Will tinkering with coding toys and building robots early on turn your child into a
future engineer? It is certainly possible! Introducing your child to a wide range of coding toys
can spark their imagination and foster an interest in STEM.

At the very least, investing in coding toys for kids can cultivate creativity, inspire imagination,
and most importantly – foster some fun

Keep your child entertained with coding toys & stem learning. Know how!

STEM Coding with Toys! Lego, Robots, Games & more!

STEM Coding with Toys! Lego, Robots, Games & more!

Keep your child entertained with coding toys & stem learning. Know how!

You’ve definitely heard about all the effort it takes to teach anything related to computer science or coding skills to kids, doesn’t matter if they’re toddlers or teens.

Learning to code instils logical thinking skills in children, an interest in the digital world, and the capacity to solve difficult problems by breaking them down into smaller portions.

Learning coding may seem difficult, and in some ways it is, but not if you know what to do! Coding, and computational thinking in general, do not have to be limited to a computer screen! However, for parents interested in introducing their children to coding, incorporating hands-on educational games may dramatically improve their love for learning coding. There are plenty of coding toys for kids out there that can develop that love, and each one has some unique features to offer.

That being said, what are coding toys and how can a STEM coding toy, or a coding kit for kids be a real asset?

A coding toy is an engaging plaything whose primary objective is to educate children how to code, or at the very least, the fundamentals of algorithmic thinking and computational processes. What’s great about coding toys for kids is that they will learn all they need to know while doing things with their hands; and hands-on learning is widely recognised as an educational tool that works exceptionally well.

Here are some coding toys for kids that will help them learn basic coding concepts while having fun.

For children aged 3- 7 years:

BeeBot is a huge, friendly robot bee that teaches coding fundamentals such as sequencing and problem solving. Using left and right buttons, children can create programs to make the bee manoeuvre around the room and avoid obstacles.

Code-A-Pillar allows kids to create sounds and movement by rearranging segments of the caterpillar. The Code-A-Pillar is intended for kids aged 3 to 6 years and is meant to encourage exploration and problem solving.

Cubetto is intended to teach the LOGO language through the use of bricks that control a miniature wooden square robot. Cubetto comes with a world map and a storybook to teach kids the coding concepts they’ll need to assist the robot in finding his way home.

For children aged 8+ years:

Ozobots are little, pocket-sized robots that respond to colour-coded paper trails or digital patterns on a screen. This adds a creative element to coding by allowing children to draw mazes and create games for their robots.

Microduino’s mCookie
mCookies are magnetic electronic squares designed to work with Lego toys. Kids can use drag and drop code to power vehicles, robots, and just about anything else they can think of. mCookies also works with Arduino, an open source hardware and software platform used for a variety of creative electronic projects.

Coding toys can spark a child’s creativity and introduce them to the world of computers and robotics. Obotz, a Robotics & Coding Program for kids aged 8-18, similarly provides a hands-on learning environment for kids interested in learning more about coding. Contact us today to see how much fun coding can be!

Why is robotics important for kids? Know more with Obotz Robotics Education.

The importance of Robotics Education in a child’s life!

The importance of Robotics Education in a child’s life!

Why is robotics important for kids? Know more with Obotz Robotics Education.
STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. That’s a lot of complex information loaded into one acronym. Fortunately for young learners, robotics simplifies and makes STEM fun to learn. Robotic technologies have proven to be valuable components in today’s available educational resources. These educational technologies have proven to be beneficial in both regular learning and the specialised education of kids. When applied to academics, robots have the potential to change the way students learn, resulting in more knowledgeable and creative youth.

Why is robotics important?

With robotics, there are unlimited educational possibilities, and it’s simple to tackle each aspect of STEM in a creative way. Strengthening your math skills? Check. Wanting to learn computer science? Definitely. What about engineering and technology? Yep!

There are so many possibilities for what kids may learn in a robotics program; it’s clear to see the skill-based benefit of taking it up as a hobby. Even better, knowing the ins and outs of robotics means developing real-world and career-based abilities.

So why not get in and start those gears going today?

Educational benefits of robotics for kids!

Robotics allows children to practice with creative initiatives!

Did you know that robots can help children improve their math and science skills? Considering robotics to be an all-in-one STEM learning experience, not only will children step into the shoes of engineers as they build and design their robots, but they will also gain technical knowledge and consider how science may address real-world issues. As they grow, they might become quite creative, discovering new methods to incorporate their various interests into what they make.

Robotics education provides more than just academic enrichment!

One of the most significant advantages of learning robotics is that it allows students to develop a special interest in something they may not otherwise have the opportunity to explore. While many schools do not offer robotics classes, after school programmes do. An entirely new experience is created, one that has no resemblance to school at all, where kids can explore their hearts’ content without being bound by curriculum or large, impersonal classrooms.

Robotics provides several opportunities for collaboration and teamwork!
Robotics education helps to strengthen your child’s STEM skills, both hard and soft. Building a ‘bot that can overcome obstacles requires creativity and problem-solving, and your kid will have to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions when the robot doesn’t perform as expected. Last but not the least, spending time with peers is always useful since it provides a valuable opportunity for children to make friends and broaden their networks.

Obotz robotic education offers a variety of modules that help students get started in robotics by providing expert, personalized coaching. Courses are taught by top-tier teachers, allowing students to gain in-demand skills for careers in robotics, coding, game development, design, and so many other fields. Want to learn more about robotics education? Get in touch!

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Make Learning Stem Fun With Coding Toys For Kids

Make Learning Stem Fun With Coding Toys For Kids

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Do you have a little tinkerer at home who loves building things? Do you want to nurture this interest and skill of theirs, and help it grow into something productive? Then, you have reached the right place!

The best way to develop and sustain your child’s interest in STEM, Coding & Programming is to make use of ‘Coding Toys’ that are both fun and educational.

These toys are super easy to understand and super fun to begin with. They come with little instructions that allow your child to get a head start in STEM learning in the most entertaining way.

Now, I’m sure that there are tons of toys for kids out there to help them foster their love for STEM, Coding & Programming; and it becomes quite overwhelming as a parent to find the right ones for your kids. But, O’Botz- A multidisciplinary Robotics & Coding Program uses the most effective coding toys for kids to help grow your child’s love for STEM Education and lets them explore the best of all the worlds!

Here are some of the benefits of ‘Coding Toys’ for kids:

  • Cost-Effective

Technology is expensive; there is no doubt about that. But that doesn’t mean the pathway to it should be expensive as well. You can begin your child’s career in STEM with inexpensive Coding & Programming toys that come as cheap as under 10$ and are a great investment.

  • Zero Screen Time

Playing with Coding Toys gives your children a much needed screen break and keep their eyes safe from the constant exposure of UV rays from the screen. It’s one of the best ways to cut down your child’s screen time.

  • No Electricity Needed

Despite what you may think, most of the beginners’ coding toys do not require the use of electricity to get them to function. So, you don’t have to worry about your child being in harm while working on one of the projects. There are tons of toys out there that can be made and functioned perfectly well without any additional requirements.

  • Hands-on Approach

These toys are the first and foremost way of having hands on approach when it comes to STEM learning. It makes children feel as if they are actually doing something worthwhile and productive than just playing and having fun.

  • Encourages Human Interaction

Coding Toys are a great conversation-starter with your friends for there is so much you can talk about when it comes to STEM, Coding & Programming with your friends. It encourages human interaction which in turn develops your child’s social skills.

Now that you are made aware of all the magical benefits of ‘Coding Toys’, why don’t you head out and get one for your child, and begin their STEM journey? Or if you are not too sure about which one to get for your child, then why don’t you enrol them in our ‘Free Trial Class’ and see for yourself how we make use of different toys, tools and methods to make learning STEM fun and educational. So, what is it going to be?


Find out how STEM Program plays an important role in the learning and making of Drones!

Learn How To Make Drones In Our Dronestorm Program

Learn How To Make Drones In Our Dronestorm Program

Find out how STEM Program plays an important role in the learning and making of Drones!

There was a time when drones were a thing of luxury. It wasn’t easy to get your hands on one. But now it is used widely all around the world and that’s because of its versatile use.

Drones get you the views that any other normal camera would never be able to. Besides being able to give you spectacular views, there are so many other things that drones can do. This is what makes this multi-purpose gadget so popular and also so expensive. But, what if we told you that your child can make this super popular and super expensive mechanism? What if he could actually make a drone? Would you believe us?

Well, to clear some things, we’ll first tell you why drones are important and where they are used?

  • Drones are used in in the Agriculture Sector to make it easier to spray crops with pesticides and insecticides.
  • You must wonder how that particular shot in your favorite movie was filmed. It’s because Drones are used in the Entertainment Industry to film scenes from an angle that would have been impossible to do otherwise.
  • In this fast-paced digital era, where everything is technologically driven, it shouldn’t come as surprise that, Drones are also used in Delivering Packages.

There are so many other uses of Drones that it is one of the best inventions that mankind has ever made. So, getting back to whether your child can actually make a drone or not, the answer to that is YES! They can do that with us!

O’Botz has launched a new Dronestorm Program where students will learn:

  • Construction of Drone by building each component
  • Physics behind hovering a Drone
  • Concepts of Pitch, Roll & Yaw of a Drone
  • High tech Simulator to learn each control and manoeuvre

Students will use licensed Simulator to understand controls and physics behind the drone.

Now, doesn’t all that sound amazing? It does, right? Being able to make and own a drone is not only cool but also so efficient!

If this sounds like something that would interest your child, then wait no more, and reach out to us today to know more about our STEM Program for children aged 8+ years, and find out all the benefits yourself.

Drones are just one part of the program; your children can learn to make so many high tech gadgets and toys that you’d be amazed by the capability of the program.

So, hurry up, and register your child in O’Botz Stem Program today!

Understand major benefits of STEM learning at an early age.

Explore STEM Learning and all the ways it can help your child

Explore STEM Learning and all the ways it can help your child

Understand major benefits of STEM learning at an early age.

Just when you thought STEM learning couldn’t grow anymore, The New York Times named the acronym and everything it stands for as the nation’s top educational priority. STEM competency has been recognized as critical to increasing economic growth and furthering scientific innovation, and it has become a cultural force, analogous to superstars who are well-known in their respective fields. It is, indeed, a movement with its own meaning.

If you’re still skeptical about how robotics, coding, and STEM learning might help shape your child into a future inventor and innovator, then read below some of the early age benefits:

Uplifts Creativity

Robotics classes are more than simply theory. They allow youngsters to make something tangible that they can see, touch and control. Many youngsters find this experience helpful, and it broadens their perspective significantly.

You’d be shocked how enthralled your youngster would be to witness their work come to life. Children are inherently inquisitive and want to think beyond the box. Solving challenges through coding will help foster creativity in children from a young age.

Creating A Solid STEM Foundation

STEM areas are the fastest expanding jobs and show no signs of slowing down. According to experts, people with a non-stem major will also require some STEM skills to meet future job needs. Robotics classes are a wonderful way to provide your children with a solid STEM foundation while they are still in the early stages of deciding what they might be interested in.

Learning To Make The Most Of A Bad Situation

STEM Education is all about falling and picking yourselves up and starting anew. It’s not practical to expect children to make a full on working robot in their first try, but that’s what STEM learning is all about. It’s about making mistakes and learning along the way, and you never know your child might create something that no one would have ever expected. This is why every failure in STEM learning is worth a billion dollar idea that the world would wonder upon in the future.

Preparing Them For Limitless Possibilities

Not knowing how to code may become equivalent to not knowing how to read in the not-too-distant future. Reliable forecasts anticipate that people with digital abilities will soon dominate every sector of the job market. If you want your child to lead the upcoming generation, coding is the way to go. This will leave them open to a plethora of opportunities and possibilities that they might want to try out.

A Route To Programming

We may all dispute that programming is not yet a basic life skill. However, due to the rapid pace of the digital transformation, it may be difficult to thrive in future workplaces without knowledge of at least one programming language. Robotics & Coding classes may help expose your children to the wonderful world of programming and its limitless potential.

As a parent, you should help your kids get a head start on becoming problem solvers and world leaders. And if there’s one way you can achieve exactly that, is by enrolling them in a STEM for kids program.

OBOTZ Robotics & Coding Program is the perfect place for your child to explore their interests, and develop and enhance their technical skills while having fun. If you are ready to take a huge step in training your children for future success, now is the time. These programs are designed to provide students with a solid foundation in coding and STEM learning. So, wait no more, reach out today!

Let your child influence this new world of Robotics. Here’s how!

Understand The Futuristic Prospects Of Kids Robotics

Understand The Futuristic Prospects Of Kids Robotics

Let your child influence this new world of Robotics. Here’s how!

Robots are the future. They are already a massive part of our everyday lives. From toys your kids play with to new-fangled computerized garden mowers, our whole world revolves around technology. By getting your kids be a part of robotics courses, it could help them get interested in the core tech topics in their early years.

The Future of Robotics

Unlike before, Robotics is not just about fun and games anymore; in fact they have quite a lot of great prospects in Artificial Intelligence as well. Not only that, it has also been predicted that more than 30% of the jobs will be automated by 2027.

These changes will generate new and more interesting jobs that the children today will work for in the future. By getting a head start in robotics, they won’t just develop a passion that leads them to their career choices, but also work and develop technology that just might change the world for the better.

Does Robotics Restrict You?

Studying robotics doesn’t necessarily mean your child is going to grow up to be an engineer or specifically work in a science related field, although it is one of the avenues they could certainly explore.

Your child could work in several fields including but not restricted to fitness, biology, training, production, manufacturing, and culinary. Seeing how fast the world is evolving technically, the opportunities are endless if your child has an aptitude for Robotics and Coding.

What all Kids Robotics Courses does?

1. Out-of-the-box thinking: By combining creativity and critical thinking, robotics courses allow young ones to shape their thoughts within the scientific domain and yet think out of the box at the same time while analysing it practically.

2. Multiplied Engagement: Time flies when you are doing something that you love and enjoy. Using coding toys for kids, these robotics courses through realistic hands-on learning give your child the benefits of a higher experience of immersion, engagement, and greater retention of what they have learned.

3. Understand Programming Talents: Robotics courses also enable your kids to find out if programming is their cup of tea. If your child really does have a knack for programming talent and skills then they have got a higher shot to prepare for a future geared in the direction of Robotics and Coding where technology will rule the world.

Robotics has a vibrant future ahead and enrolling your child in Robotics Courses will help them analyse the abilities and skills required and needed in the future. OBOTZ’s Robotics and Coding Program is specially designed for young children to get them acquainted with STEM skills and gradually develop an interest and master those skills to rule a technologically driven world.

Encourage children towards STEM Learningfor it is all what our future would be in the coming years. BECOME A STEM MASTER!

Should STEM learning be made accessible at an early age for kids?

Should STEM learning be made accessible at an early age for kids?

Encourage children towards STEM Learningfor it is all what our future would be in the coming years. BECOME A STEM MASTER!

STEM Program has been here for a long time but has always been associated with the likes of Adult Education. STEM learning is not what comes to parents’ mind when they look for a fun and educational afterschool activity. It’s because of this very reason that STEM for kids hasn’t been much explored. But today, let’s FIND OUT why kids should have an early start to STEM learning

STEM Education is one such program that will come handy in all walks of life. No matter which career you choose in the future, access to STEM Learning gives you a head start in the preparation of any possible field you choose to explore in the coming years.


STEM Program boosts children’s confidence, nurtures their curiosity, encourages their creativity, improves their analytical skills and engineering capabilities, and challenges their thinking and learning hence enhancing their ability to solve problems from distinct perspectives.


We are living in a world where we are completely dependent on technology for the littlest of things. So, it’s not surprising to believe that in the coming years, technology will rule the world and we’ll all have to mould ourselves to fit in.

STEM Learning prepares your kids for that moulding and fitting in so they don’t have to face the world where they aren’t made aware of all those basic things.


STEM for kids equips them with so many essential skills that being Independent just comes naturally with it. And in Today’s world, being independent is one skill that’s not easy to achieve. Being Independent requires not only financial security and stability but also emotional and mental stability.

With the help of STEM Program, you can choose to live the life you want as it prepares you for all the possible obstacles in life. STEM learning makes you flexible and provides security in all aspects of life.

Seeing all the above benefits, it is clear as day that STEM Learning should be made accessible to the kids in their early years. They not only get used to it but in their early years, it’s easier to shape children’s minds and skills as you want, making it a much more favourable period in their life for STEM Program. So, the next time you’re looking for a fun and educational program for your kids, you know what you got to do? Register them in Obotz STEM Program to promote technological smartness and make good and productive use of their free time.

Discover all the different ways STEM activities stimulate young minds.

Why Robotic Courses Are The Trendiest Afterschool Programs?

Why Robotic Courses Are The Trendiest Afterschool Programs?

Discover all the different ways STEM activities stimulate young minds.

After school programs are quite in demand right now and for all the right reasons. With so much competition going around amongst youngsters, these programs are a sure way to inculcate a new hobby or interest apart from academics that would bring a difference to their lives.

Robotics courses are one of the amazing after school programs among several out there. They are so unique in nature that parents simply cannot resist enrolling their children in these programs. You might be wondering what all the fuss is about and you would not be wrong to.

STEM programs are designed in a way that not only stimulates your young one’s mind but also equip them with skills so they are ready to face the future. Following are the reasons why Robotics courses can help enhance your child’s abilities, and get them future-ready.

Inspires Innovation

Innovation is not just a word anymore but it’s the way of life. Everyone wants to do things differently, uniquely; but just don’t know how to. This is because innovation or inspiration just doesn’t come to you. You need to have skills for it.

This is where robotics afterschool program come into the picture. These programs challenge your child’s intellectual capabilities which in turn make them think and generate innovative ideas. The deeper they delve into the program, the more they realize that there is so much more left to explore in this vast world. This provides a unique sense of satisfaction and opportunity that there are still things people haven’t been exposed to, and your child could be the one todo it.

Improves Perseverance

Perseverance is not a natural habit but an acquired one. We all are diligent about something or the other that matters to us. But these STEM courses make your children diligent at all the right things.

It shows your children what all is needed to have a good life and how you should attain it. In a way, it changes the way your child sees the world.

Hands on Experience using Robot Kits

Robot kits are new favourite toys of kids these days. They are cool, fun, artistic, and challenging that gets your child right in the mood for some healthy competition. Robotics courses usually begin their classes with these kits to get children’s interest grooving.

Theory is an important aspect of any course, sure, but it won’t bring out any results unless children actually get to experience what they have been taught. This is why these courses are trending now as they provide in depth practical knowledge along with theoretical.

Self-Learning Ability

Now saying that Robotics courses improves a child’s self-learning ability will sound ironic as they are going to an after school program to learn that very same thing. But here’s the thing, in their early years, children needs that extra something that will help stimulate their mind and get their creative juices running.

Once they are apt at what they do, they won’t need to depend on any other program to develop them in the future. This self-learning ability will last for life time and your child will always be curious to know and learn more things.

As we have seen there are so many hidden benefits of STEM education besides improving your child’s technical skills, it is the right time and age to enrol your child in one of these courses.

At this age, their tender mind will be quick to adapt the changes and will be more open to learn something new and exciting. So, if you are looking to make good use of your child’s free time, then do enrol them in Obotz Robotics and Coding program, which is a multi-disciplinary STEM-based program to develop your child’s critical thinking and enhance their creativity.