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Experimental Projects
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How OBotz is Unique?

Making Children
Future Ready


Advanced & Structured Program

Through a carefully designed curriculum, children are introduced to robotics concepts in a systematic and progressive manner.


Certified Trainers

Our trainers possess the necessary knowledge and experience in robotics to effectively teach and mentor children in their robotics journey.


Takeaway Kits for Each Level

Our kits provide children with the necessary tools and materials to continue their exploration of robotics at home.


360 Degree Learning

360-degree learning ensures that kids develop a well-rounded set of skills for their academic, personal and professional growth.


Multiple Programming Languages

Exposure to different programming languages expands kids' horizons and equips them with a versatile skill set.


Fun & Hands-On Learning

Explore robotics through immersive learning and experimentation, discovering the functions and interactions of various robot components.

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Technology is rapidly advancing, and it is essential for kids to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate and thrive in this tech-driven era.
By following a proven business model, franchisees can focus on delivering high-quality robotics programs to children without the need to reinvent the wheel.
Our easy-to-operate system provides a smooth and efficient framework for you to enter the education industry and make a positive impact on young learners.
An OBotz franchise offers a cost-effective opportunity to enter the thriving educational industry while benefitting from the expertise and support of an established franchise system.
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Parent & Student Testimonials

My son has been going to OBotz for the past four years and would recommend it to everyone. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. Ms. Cecilia and Mr. Jude are just incredible, and I should also mention Mr. Bidyut. He has been instrumental in sparking my son's interest in OBotz. I wholeheartedly endorse the OBotz program and encourage all parents to give their kids this incredible opportunity!

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Amitabh Chandorkar, Parent

OBotz has been an absolute game-changer for my kid's interest in coding and robotics. They have been attending the program for over 6 years, and I can confidently say that their experience has been extraordinary. Mr. Bidyut's ability to inspire and engage the kids is truly commendable. Ms. Cecilia and Mr. Jude's dedication to each students learning and progress is evident through the personal attention they provide. I enthusiastically recommend the OBotz program to all families.

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Surhantini Kulendran, Parent

I couldn't be happier with Obotz as my child's introduction to the world of robotics. The curriculum is top-notch, covering all the essential concepts engagingly. It's a fantastic place for kids to start their careers in robotics. The Obotz curriculum is excellent, and the teachers are efficient, knowledgeable, and dedicated

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Venkata Pidikiti, Parent

From a very early age, my child has shown an understanding of certain aspects of physics, circuits, and even creating electrical instruments! As robotics involves coding, it becomes easier to utilize computer software and develop ones programs as they progress to a certain level. I believe my son excels in the class with his knowledge of robotics. I love the OBotz program and greatly appreciate the hard work put in by the teachers and organizers. I wish them all the best!

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Krupa Patel, Parent

As a student, OBotz has truly been instrumental in introducing me to the world of robotics. I began with the fundamentals, learning about electrical circuits and model design. As I delved deeper into the program, I started using embedded C to program microcontrollers and control different robots. The class also offers various competitions and challenges that stimulate creativity and problem-solving skills. I highly recommend OBotz to any student interested in robotics and programming. It provides an excellent learning experience with experienced teachers who guide you from the basics to advanced levels

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Sabari Mathi, Student

I can't say enough good things about the OBotz after-school robotics program. A great after-school program for kids interested in robotics! This place seamlessly combines learning and fun for kids of all ages. The curriculum strikes the perfect balance between educational content and hands-on activities. Its truly an awesome place to explore the future. Keep up the good work, folks. My child's enthusiasm for robotics has soared since joining this program. Highly recommended!

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Karthik Gajji, Parent