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RoboVi (Autonomous Robot using Visual Programming)

This level is based on VISUAL programming by Using BLOCKS.

Students Will Create :
Projects :
  • Party/Christmas Lights

  • Stopwatch

  • Clap based Fan

Applications :
  • Traffic Light Controller

  • Human Counter (COVID-19 Project)

  • Smart Parking Systems

Students will learn :
Control Loops
Logic Gates
IR Sensors
Servo Motors
Logic Building & Algorithm Development
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C-Robo (Autonomous Robot using Embedded C programming)

Applications :
  • Distance Calculator using Ultrasonic Sensor (Used in Construction)

  • LCD display (Scrolling) (Used in Retail Industry)

  • Mobile controlled Robot (Used in Industrial Automation)

  • Gesture controlled Application (Used in phones to flip the screen)

  • Design a game – Maze solver (Used in Packing Industry)

Students will learn :
Ultrasonic Sensor
Bluetooth Technology
LCD Display
Accelerometer Sensor
Trobotic arm control using Joystick

Embetrix (Embedded systems using Embedded C programming)

Applications :
  • Trobotic arm control using Joystick

  • Electronic password locker

  • Thermostat Controller

  • Calculator Program

Students will learn :
Working of : Joystick, Stepper Motor, SSD, Thermistor
Writing Complex Codes and Creating Functions
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Walk OBotz (Walking robots & Humanoids)

Projects :
  • 2-legged Robot (Humanoids)

  • Exercise robot

  • Dance movements

  • 4-legged Robot (Imitate a dog)

Students will learn :
Stability of Humanoid, move them in all 4 directions, making them dance and do exercise
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  • Although drones are often viewed as either toys or tools, their potential for education simply can’t be understated.

  • Lessons in drones offer learning opportunities in STEM subjects such as physics, coding, math, and much more. Explore the thrill and excitement in one of technology’s fastest growing industries. All programs include real-life present day and future application.

Get your child out of the chair and into the air as they learn to:
  • Build Drones

  • Simulate Drones

  • Understand Concept of Pitching, Rolling and Yawing

  • Propeller Configuration

  • Racing

  • Coding & Delivery

  • Search & Rescue

  • Mapping

  • Autonomous Flight

  • Photography

  • Visual Arts

  • Fly Drones

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We Focus on Education

Our team is focused on AR and VR in education and the opportunity to deliver immersive learning experiences. New content creation is at an all time high and the latest creation tools give students the ability to create individualized learning experiences. We want to help increase accessibility to this education technology.

What Your Child will Learn
  • Introduction to 3D World

  • Difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

  • Understand Animations in EnablAR Code
    (Licensed Software to build AR/VR)

  • Introduction to the Game Development Process

  • Build a Virtual Reality game

  • Build an Augmented Reality game

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The OBotz program offers an immersive journey into the fascinating realms of ML and AI, empowering young minds to unleash their creativity and develop their very own AI projects.

Artificial Intelligence is the training process of making a computer learn. Our students learn to train computers through programming, training processes, and rigorous testing.

Siri and Alexa are examples of AI bot.

Projects like :
  • Solar mobile charger

  • Obstacle avoiding robot

  • Wall following robot

What Your Kids Will Learn
  • 6 Step Procedure for Machine Learning

  • Understand the 3 Main Categories of AI

  • Different Algorithms of Machine Learning

  • Confusion Matrix and Its Accuracy

  • Understand the Importance of Data in AI

  • Learn to code using Python for Applications of AI and ML

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