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Robotics Olympiad

At OBotz, we encourage our students to experiment with real-world problems & find practical solutions. With our annual Robotics Olympiad, we nurture a child’s curiosity & get them excited about STEM. It brings their imagination to life by using concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

As the name suggests, CODE-WARS is a national-level competition where the participants need to find errors in a series of codes. The criteria of judgment includes the number of errors found in the limited time.

Eligibility Criteria: Students who’ve completed Level 4+


National CODE-WARS Eliminator: In this level, all the participants who’ve registered and are eligible will participate. The top 32 participants who score the maximum points will qualify for National CODE-WARS Knockout.

National CODE-WARS Knockout: The top 32 participants will compete against each other through a series of codes that need to be solved in a given time span. 16 out of these 32 participants will qualify for the next round. This will go on for another two rounds till we get a winner amongst the last two qualifiers.

An innovative national-level Robotics Competition where participants are judged on the basis of their creative & functional projects made by using the kits provided.

Eligibility Criteria: Students who’ve completed Level 1+


Construction: In this round, participants are required to create innovative electronic projects using the kits provided to them at their levels. They are judged on the basis of:

  • Execution - Working efficiency and user friendliness

  • Presentation - Communication, confidence and video

  • Ideation - Clarity, research and usage

  • Innovation - Uniqueness and how futuristic it is

  • Creation - Design - Shape, color, materials and elements

The top 5% of the participants get to participate in the Innovators Hub

Innovators Hub: The qualifiers are required to present their projects in a live session. They will be judged on the basis of their project’s functionality. The participants will have to prepare a sales pitch and explain the use of the project and the scalability for its use in the near future. On the basis of this judgment, a champion will be chosen.

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