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What are Drones?

A drone is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, also known as a UAV, controlled by humans or remote programming.

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Why Drones?

  • Although drones are often viewed as either toys or tools, their potential for education simply can’t be understated.

  • Lessons in drones offer learning opportunities in STEM subjects such as physics, coding, math, and much more. Explore the thrill and excitement in one of technology’s fastest growing industries. All programs include real-life present day and future application.

Get Your Child Out of the Chair and into the Air as They Learn to:
  • Build Drones

  • Simulate Drones

  • Understand Concept of Pitching, Rolling and Yawing

  • Propeller Configuration

  • Racing

  • Coding & Delivery

  • Search & Rescue

  • Mapping

  • Autonomous Flight

  • Photography

  • Visual Arts

  • Fly Drones

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Drone Flying
Drone Building,
Coding & Flying
Drone Rescue
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Unleash Your Child’s Inner Pilot with Our Kid-Safe Drones!