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A Fun Way to Teach <Robotics/>
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A Fun Way for Kids to Learn Robotics

OBotz Nano is a unique program designed to stimulate young minds aged 6+.

"Nano" is an innovative experience that will spark your child’s interest in STEM education & build skills for the future.

Your children will have a blast exploring real-world challenges using robotics to explore possible solutions with hands-on learning experiences and machine building.

Get ready to inspire an early love for STEM learning and robotics!

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3 Levels of the OBotz Nano Robotics Program


What Your Child will Learn?

- Concepts of STEAM

- Lights (LED)

- Motors

- Rotational Motion

- Vibration concept

- Illusion

Activities & Projects
Cradle Toys
Demo of Earthquake
Cleaning Robot
Optical Illusion
Moving Character
Painting (Sketch, Pattern Maker)
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What Your Child will Learn?

- Sound Sensor based Project Building

- Understand the Working of Sensors

- Integration of Sensors to Build Applications

- Voltage & Current

- Concept of Energy

Activities & Projects
Disco Lights
Hanging Lights
Table Fan
Airplane Model
Book Holder
Electronic Blender
Rotating Canvas
Touchless Indicator
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What Your Child will Learn?

- Drive systems

- Balancing on thread

- Locomotion

- Assembling Models

- Use of Mechanical Parts & tools

- Remote Control Logic

Activities & Projects
Garbage Collector
Fighter Car
Sports Model
Cable Car (Gandola)
Moving Display Banner
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With the OBotz Nano Robotics Program, Your Child will:

Use Tools and Build Small Creative Robots to Develop their Fine Motor Skills

Gain a greater understanding of complex concepts, as our experienced tutors provide engaging, dynamic hands-on lessons. We prioritize building strong foundational skills and fostering a love of learning in our students with hands-on learning whereby your child will learn by using tools and building small robots.

Enroll in Our Program for a Duration of 8 to 10 Weeks

The Nano program is recommended for children aged 6+, allowing them to learn project-making, develop technical skills, enhance their creativity, develop logic-building and increase their self-confidence gradually as they progress through the 3 different levels each of which are 8 to 10 weeks long.

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Unleash Your Child's Creativity with the
OBotz Nano Program!

At OBotz, education begins with play and hands-on learning. We get our students learning STEM concepts in a fun, interactive way, using award-winning robots and software.

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