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4 Reasons Why You Should Introduce Your Kids to the World of Robotics
4 Reasons Why You Should Introduce Your Kids to the World of Robotics

Robots are no longer just a part of science fiction; they are rapidly becoming a part of our everyday lives. And robotics is not just a professional field anymore. From self-driving cars to smart home assistants, robotics technology is advancing at an amazing pace. And it's not just adults who are benefitting from this technological revolution - even kids can get in on the action through STEM Robotics for kids. In this blog, we will discuss how as a parent, you can get your child into the captivating world of robotics for kids so that they are prepared with essential skill sets that will prove to be significant in their future.


Here are 4 features of learning STEM robotics and how it is a beneficial skill set for children to acquire early on:

1. Encourages STEM Learning with Ease 

STEM is the most popular form of education in today’s world as it can provide a better learning style for kids. And when kids learn the concepts of robotics, they automatically get to learn about the concepts of Science, Mathematics, and Engineering. As robotics is a blend of all four of them, they learn how to integrate action-reaction, speed and time, as well as how to construct a robot. They learn how all these concepts are applied to make the robot functional. 

2. Fosters Various Transferable Skills 

Robotics for kids fosters innovation and encourages young minds to think outside the box. It nurtures their ability to think analytically and find creative solutions to real-world problems, preparing them for the future but also nurturing their creativity and problem-solving abilities to thrive in the real world. It also instills a sense of confidence in kids as they create something of their own. At OBotz, we encourage learning through collaboration during various robotics projects, which teaches them how to work in teams.

3. Robotics & Coding Go Hand-in-Hand 

Just like robotics, learning how to code is a beneficial skill for kids because these skills will gain more significance in the future. While we discuss how robotics can strengthen a child’s transferable skills, the same applies for coding as it provides kids with critical thinking skills and improves concentration. While designing, assembling, and integrating are parts of creating a robot; robot programming is a major step in the process as it allows robots to be functional and perform various actions. 

4. Lesser Screen Time 

Children these days are well-versed in technology just in terms of using smartphones. This is a concern because it results in excessive unproductive screen time. By enrolling your children in a robotics for kids program, they will still be around technology but in physical form and learn various practical skills that will benefit them in the long run.  


Moreover, children have great imaginations. By learning the principles and concepts of robotics & coding, they will be able to turn their ideas into reality. And as a parent, providing them with the power to do so will be a great deal for both you and your kids.


In this dynamic world of technology, OBotz realizes the need to provide kids with just the right resources for them to stay informed and trained for the future. That’s why OBotz brings a comprehensive program for kids that advances them, covering the fundamentals of robotics and coding. OBotz not only equips children with the skills of the future but also nurtures their cognitive abilities, critical thinking skills, and creativity.


At OBotz, we don’t limit our students to learning just robot programming. We also have extended programs that focus on AR-VR and Drones. Both these programs act as upgrades to our Robotics & Coding program. AR-VR increases the efficiency of human-robot interactions as it acts as a medium of information exchange between the two. While drones can improve processes in any industry that they are used in. Coding can become monotonous for children after they become familiar with it, but by expanding their knowledge to AR-VR, Drones, and Robotics, children can learn to love STEM learning which will be resourceful for their tech driven future. At OBotz, children do not just learn skills for their future but also learn them through a fun and interactive curriculum. With this hands-on approach, children go through a practical-centric learning experience without missing out on the fun, while becoming proficient in the skills that they will need to attain a successful future!