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Learn How To Make Drones In Our Dronestorm Program
Learn How To Make Drones In Our Dronestorm Program

Learn How To Make Drones In Our Dronestorm Program

There was a time when drones were a thing of luxury. It wasn’t easy to get your hands on one. But now it is used widely all around the world and that’s because of its versatile use.

Drones get you the views that any other normal camera would never be able to. Besides being able to give you spectacular views, there are so many other things that drones can do. This is what makes this multi-purpose gadget so popular and also so expensive. But, what if we told you that your child can make this super popular and super expensive mechanism? What if he could actually make a drone? Would you believe us?

Well, to clear some things, we’ll first tell you why drones are important and where they are used?

  • Drones are used in in the Agriculture Sector to make it easier to spray crops with pesticides and insecticides.
  • You must wonder how that particular shot in your favorite movie was filmed. It’s because Drones are used in the Entertainment Industry to film scenes from an angle that would have been impossible to do otherwise.
  • In this fast-paced digital era, where everything is technologically driven, it shouldn’t come as surprise that, Drones are also used in Delivering Packages.

There are so many other uses of Drones that it is one of the best inventions that mankind has ever made. So, getting back to whether your child can actually make a drone or not, the answer to that is YES! They can do that with us!

O’Botz has launched a new Dronestorm Program where students will learn:

  • Construction of Drone by building each component
  • Physics behind hovering a Drone
  • Concepts of Pitch, Roll & Yaw of a Drone
  • High tech Simulator to learn each control and manoeuvre

Students will use licensed Simulator to understand controls and physics behind the drone.

Now, doesn’t all that sound amazing? It does, right? Being able to make and own a drone is not only cool but also so efficient!

If this sounds like something that would interest your child, then wait no more, and reach out to us today to know more about our STEM Program for children aged 8+ years, and find out all the benefits yourself.

Drones are just one part of the program; your children can learn to make so many high tech gadgets and toys that you’d be amazed by the capability of the program.

So, hurry up, and register your child in O’Botz Stem Program today!

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