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Stem Learning Is The Pathway To Future Skills
Stem Learning Is The Pathway To Future Skills

Stem Learning Is The Pathway To Future Skills

STEM learning has been widely gaining recognition for its interesting approach and practical way of teaching. It is also highly in demand for equipping children with skills of the future. So, what exactly are those skills and why are they called the skills of the future?

So, STEM basically stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Almost 50% of economic growth in the past 50 years was due to advances in these very subjects!

There is going to be a high demand of the STEM jobs in the future and there are barely 20% of qualified people to meet that demand. It’s because people are unaware about the importance of STEM Education and that leads to lack of people with the much needed skills. Here are some facts about STEM learning that will open your mind to this exciting world of Robotics and Coding.

No Bachelor’s Degree Required

Yes, you read that right. For some STEM jobs, you don’t even need to have a bachelor degree. All you got to have is be good at STEM skills. And, we can help you achieve that. Our STEM-based programs are dynamic in nature that qualifies you for higher stem education and jobs in the future.


There is always going to be vacancies in the STEM jobs and that’s because there are more jobs than the number of qualified people. So you would never have to worry about your child’s future. Once they choose STEM, their life will never be the same.

Immense Growth

The STEM sector always grows twice as any other sector which roughly translates into having twice more jobs in this field than any other. This growth is never ending as there will always be something to develop or explore when it comes to technology.

Future Is Their Playground

STEM learning qualifies your child to befit the realities of the future. It’s because it is only in the hands of STEM employees to be in charge of building communities and taking the nation forwards. In the coming years, 80% of jobs will require a technical skill which can only come from STEM learning.

Coding Robots

Now, STEM education is not everyone’s cup of tea even if they would want to nor is it everyone’s preferred choice of education. But there’s a way to get your children excited about STEM learning. And that’s by making use of Coding Robots.

Coding Robots are a type of STEM toys that creates a pleasant and encouraging environment for kids where their inner curiosity is challenged to use these toys. Now, most of these toys are mechanical and can be operated only when put in the correct code. This might look a lot of unnecessary trouble for kids to play with a toy, but it’s not.

Toys to kids are something that they value more than anything, and knowing that something might be stopping them to play with it, brings out their best in them. It gets them to try their best to open it not only because they can operate it once it’s open but also because it gives a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment to have earned that toy. It also teaches them to be patience and use creative techniques to get the toy to start.

STEM Education is a never ending field and there are so many other cool facts that will simply boggle your mind. Our comprehensive Robotics and Coding program at Obotz for children aged 8-18 years is drafted in mind keeping all the possible needs and demands of children, parents and the future.

It’s a one-step platform that answers all your queries related to your child’s education and future. So, if you want to change your child’s life, then look no more. You have come to the right place! Enrol your child in one of our amazing programs and see the change for yourself.