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(For ages 6-18)
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Give your children an unforgettable STEM Experience!

About OBotz Summer Camps

OBotz is a multi-disciplinary robotics & coding program with a specially designed curriculum to teach young children about robotics and coding. Our Summer camps is a unique opportunity for children to transform the way they spend their Summer breaks. Your champs will get to explore the fascinating world of robotics and coding through learning the concepts of STEM blended with a lot of fun!

OBotz Summer Camps, whose curriculums are crafted by experts, encourages children to think logically and systematically. Through this, they learn to develop problem-solving skills and critical thinking through a practical hands-on approach.

Have a look at the exciting Summer Camps offered at OBotz!

Why Choose OBotz Summer STEM Camp

The OBotz Summer Camp brings an unparalleled blend of learning, fun and creativity. With various camps catering to children of the age group 6 years and above, OBotz promises an enriching experience for young minds.

Our Summer Camps aim to ignite curiosity, encourage critical thinking, and nurture individual talents in a supportive and engaging environment. Led by experienced educators, the OBotz Summer camp is an opportunity for growth, discovery and fun learning! Our camps offer a unique blend of hands-on activities and skill-building exercises tailored specifically for children aged 6+ years and thus train the youth of tomorrow for the world they are going to face!

Here’s what sets OBotz apart!
  • Hands-on Learning Experience

  • Comprehensive Skill Development

  • Seasoned Instructors

  • Fun and Engaging Learning Sessions

  • Holistic Approach to STEM Education

  • Independent Project Building

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OBotz Nano Camp

Age Group: 6-8 years

OBotz Nano, a camp by OBotz, is where your little champ will explore the world of robotics by crafting their autonomous robots from scratch! Under the guidance of our expert instructors, this innovative experience will spark your child’s interest in STEM education & build skills for the future. They will have a captivating time exploring real-world challenges using robotics to explore possible solutions with hands-on learning experiences and machine building.

After this captivating camp, at an elementary level, your little one will be exposed to the following:

During the fun learning sessions of the Nano Camp, your child will gain:
  • Understanding of basic engineering concepts

  • Concepts of STEM and STEAM

  • Basic understanding of rotational motion

  • Familiarity with the vibration concept

  • Ability to comprehend and gauge optical illusions

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for the OBotz Nano Camp

Soft Skills:

Fine Motor Skills


Problem-solving Ability

Creative Thinking Approach

Critical-Thinking Ability

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for the OBotz Robotics and STEM Camp

OBotz Robotics and STEM Camp

Age Group: 8+ years

Tailored for children aged 8 and above, the OBotz Robotics camp offers the opportunity for an immersive hands-on experience in robotics! Children will delve into the fascinating world of machine building, STEM learning, knowing electronic concepts, circuit making, sensor-based applications, and related areas of study. With the assistance of experienced mentors, young minds will enjoy the ride of purposeful and playful learning, unlocking the secrets of robotics while igniting their passion for STEM!

After this captivating camp, at an elementary level, your little one will be exposed to the following:

During the engaging learning sessions of the Summer Robotics Camp, your child will gain:
  • Enhanced understanding of STEM concepts

  • Understanding of practical electronics principles

  • Knowledge of encoding and decoding methods

  • Logic building ability

  • Familiarity with computational mathematics

Soft Skills:

Increased Self-Confidence

Problem-solving Ability

Critical-Thinking Ability

Creative Thinking Approach

Teamwork & Collaboration Qualities

OBotz Drone-Making Camp

Age Group: 10+ years

Fascinated by the little, sometimes camera-attached machines, that fly around in the sky?! What if we told you that your child can make it? Yes, OBotz’s ‘Drone-making’ camp for children above 10 years of age is where your child will thoroughly learn about drone construction and operation, right from assembling the components to taking flight. An interesting field under the larger umbrella of coding camps, students will also learn about the coding of drones as a part of this camp. With seasoned instructors, budding engineers will explore aerodynamics, electronics, and remote control technology at an initial level, all while experiencing the thrill of piloting their own drones!

During the interactive learning sessions of the Drone Camp, your child will gain:
  • Basic Knowledge of Engineering & Aerodynamics

  • Hands-on Experience in Drone Assembly

  • Understanding of Pitching, Rolling & Yawing

  • Familiarity with Remote Control Technology

  • Enhanced Interest in STEM Projects

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OBotz Drone-Making Camp

Soft Skills:

Understanding the Visual Arts

Creativity in Design

Problem-solving Skills

Teamwork & Collaboration Spirit

Analytic Thinking Approach


My child is 7 years old and I enrolled him for this camp in the Summer break. He was not interested in Maths and science but now he likes working on projects and is curious to learn about robotics specifically! Thank you OBotz for a hands-on experience and fun camp :)

Paul’s Parent, OBotz Laval

Jack, my child, was already interested in Robotics and thus we got him enrolled for this camp. He enjoyed the learning and was able to add more to his existing knowledge. We feel that we have invested the time of his Summer break wisely!

Jack’s Parent, OBotz Mississauga

‘Mom look, I made a flying Robot!’, - with a lot of excitement, that is what my kid told me after coming back at the end of the camp! He thoroughly enjoyed…I am thankful to the very supportive instructors for this camp!

Sophia’s Parent, OBotz, West Island
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Summer STEM Camp FAQs

OBotz Summer Camp is an exciting robotics and drone-making course designed to engage and inspire kids during their break. It combines fun activities with enriching and memorable learning experiences.

OBotz welcomes kids of various age groups to our Summer Camps, typically ranging from 6 to 14 years old. Each camp is tailored to specific age-appropriate activities and challenges.

Finding OBotz Coding Camps near you is easy! Simply fill the enquiry form and the nearest participating location will contact you with more information.

If there are no coding camps near you currently, reach out to us, and we'll explore options to bring the coding camp experience closer to your community.

No prior coding experience is necessary to join OBotz coding camps. Our programs are designed to introduce coding concepts playfully to kids of all backgrounds.