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The Importance of Play: Keeping Your Childs Development Well-Rounded

Banner Text: All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy: The Importance of Balance in a Child’s Life


The Importance of Play: Keeping Your Childs Development Well-Rounded


Who is Jack? No, not the sibling of Jill for this tale! Jack, here, is the dearest friend of Jones. These two young teenagers are about to complete their school education and want to enroll themselves in one of the topmost Universities in Canada. Jack is the studious one. One would often find him in the library with a set of books, often reading and writing even during the free slots! ‘A nerd’ people would call him. The friendship between Jack and Jones was a surprising mystery because Jones, on the other hand, was often found in the playgrounds, tossing the ball up above. 

Somehow, both of them managed to score well on the SATs to get the university they wanted. Everyone expected Jack to excel and as of Jones, probably luck favoured him! It was the final interview round when Jones came back with an admission letter but unfortunately, Jack couldn’t. You would ask, why so? Probably because all work and no play made Jack a dull boy! And the interviewers didn’t pay heed only to his scores. 

What do you want your children to be? Jack or Jones or none? 

Though this proverb has been used for centuries, it hasn’t lost its contemporary significance. In the 21st century as well, there's a tendency for parents and teachers to place a significant emphasis on academic achievement, potentially impacting the balance of learning and play in a child’s life. 

Danger of the over-emphasis on Academics

A kid doing extreme emphasis on academic success instead of holistic growth and education.

In an era where extreme emphasis is placed on academic success, it is necessary to critically view the pitfalls of an education system that prioritizes grades over the holistic growth and education of a child. 

Practical tips for you to not make your child like Jack!

  • Scheduling balanced routines

Parents and educators play a pivotal role in scheduling the daily routines of children. Decentering a routine that has an equal distribution of academic and non-academic activities will ensure that students pay attention to their education while having the space for enjoying and relaxing. You can also plan engaging classes or activities for kids, providing the children with a fun learning experience.

  • Creating a supportive environment

It is important to accept and acknowledge the uniqueness of every child. Some may excel in education whereas others may have a knack for extra-curricular activities. Supporting your child in the area of their interest automatically motivates them to excel in their respective tasks!

We want your children, unlike Jack, to be a perfect mix of some productive learning and some play! This approach to a child’s development has effective long term impacts on them. It encourages academic growth and well-being in adulthood. It is the beginning of lifelong skill building that sets the foundation at an early age and makes these tiny champs socially aware. Thus, balance proves to be an essential factor in the growth of these young ones as it not only prepares them mentally and physically but also ensures their holistic development to further excel in their chosen fields! 

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While academic achievements are certainly of importance, overemphasizing them may have detrimental effects on children. 

  • Heightened levels of anxiety or stress

As teenagers strive to secure spots in esteemed universities, the intense pressure to excel academically can lead to heightened stress levels, prompting them to stifle their creativity, innovation, and imagination. In this pursuit of higher grades, the broader aspects of personal development may take a backseat, emphasizing the need for a balanced and holistic approach to education.

  • Physical impact and inactivity

When children experience the pressure of outperforming, their mental stress also affects their physical condition. Headaches and sleep disturbances can be the common symptoms of these. Only academic focus makes them immobile and limits their much-needed physical exertion. 

Owing to these factors arises the need for holistic education.

Play, as a crucial element of childhood

A group of 7 kids playing as a part of holistic education system, which energizes the body leading to active mental and physical participation in everyday activities.

For holistic education, play is as important as study. It is a crucial element of the lives of children and helps children grow both physically and mentally. It stimulates the brain and energizes the body leading to active mental and physical participation in everyday activities. 

  • Role in cognitive development

In 2017, an international study conducted on ‘The Role of Play in Children’s Development’ stated that physical play is positively related to motor and social development, academic proficiency, smooth formal schooling, and many more such aspects. Through imaginative play, problem-solving games, and interactive activities, children develop crucial cognitive skills such as critical thinking, spatial awareness, and decision-making. This type of learning is not just enjoyable; it forms the building blocks of a child's intellectual growth.

  • Emotional Benefits

Apart from cognitive development, play also shapes a child’s social and emotional intelligence. Group activities create opportunities for children to understand and manage emotions, eventually leading to the foundation of their emotional well-being at an early stage.

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