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OBotz is sure to Make Learning Robotics a Fun Ride for Kids! Heres how
OBotz: Making Robotics Learning a Fun Ride for Kids!

OBotz is sure to Make Learning Robotics a Fun Ride for Kids! Heres how

Robotics for kids has come a long way, transforming from superhero movies, TV shows, and fictional concepts into a tangible reality in our lives we are to face in the coming years ahead. And well, the contradictions we face with the advent of this revolutionary technology should not be viewed with a sense of doubt. It should rather be envisioned in the sense that adaptation to this new reality means our coming generations must understand the power of STEM education that will now no longer be restricted to traditional concepts anymore!

O’Botz Robotics Educationhas the practical teaching, tools, techniques, and understanding in imparting critical knowledge for future generations of kids with a passion and hunger in learning crucial facets of robotics, coding, and technology. At O’Botz, STEM robotics education is all about critical thinking and creativity. We understand creativity is a lightly used word, but our emphasis on conceptualization, innovation, and designing & building of a robot makes the program truly unique and effective in helping children understand how the technology works.

Formative STEM education at O’Botzrobotics for kids will provide a sure, theoretical, and practical foundation for robotics and coding, away from the social hustle & bustle of schools. The program offers an environment where a child has all the private space for him/her to learn basic concepts, overcome challenges, and also take a participative role in learning.

We divide our classes into small groups age groups and our pedagogy takes into account various factors such as age, skills, and comprehension ability. Combining robotics education with fun-filled interaction, our students approach their subjects with a genuine sense of curiosity and conviction to learn with the help of able mentors at O’Botz. A mechanical notion of education where students are memorizing entities is completely discarded here at O’Botz and is replaced with a sense of creative adventure and learning.

At every stage of learning, we encourage children to perform at their best level, guiding them wherever needed, so that they develop the confidence to develop their projects as per their choice. With such a rewarding environment, no wonder O’Botz STEM robotics is the perfect wayto prepare your children for a bright future ahead.

You can avail Free Trial Class and let your child have thefirst-hand experience of STEM robotics for kids& coding. Visit: www.bit.ly/2OHVHJC to set-up an online robotics class for your child.

For more information, please email us at [email protected] or browse our website www.obotz.ca