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How to Help Kids Get Access to STEM Robotics Learning? | OBotz
Helping Kids Access STEM Robotics Learning

How to Help Kids Get Access to STEM Robotics Learning? | OBotz

Rise of AI & Robotics has changed the game forever. It heralds a new era, altering economic relations,and transforming how we do business. The march of progress is irreversible it seems. There’s a strange sense of Luddite fear, a dystopian fantasy of a world dominated by robots, a stuff of fictional novels and movies. But all these are the stuff of fancies and the reality is a lot more different than what it means. And for that, it makes sense to prepare for the future ahead.

At O’Botz, we know the saying very well: ‘Catch ‘em young’ through robotics for kids!

With AI & robotics taking over major aspects of the economy, there is going to be a huge demand for talent that knows the intricacies, the technology, and the software part of robotics. We have kept our
sight into the trends of the future.

As a parent, we’d want you to understand what the future holds for your next generation. Preparing for the next step means taking proactive steps in your children’s lives, enabling them to be better
prepared for a new tomorrow.

Our full-fledged STEM based robotics for kids program is meant to transform robotics education into a really fun activity for children. And where there’s enjoyment, the learning becomes an easier process.
Our robotics for kids program has seven levels in learning starting from robotic parts to building functional, humanoid robots of the future.

Our STEM Robotics Program enables children to:

1. Develop Critical Thinking
2. Enhance Creativity
3. Be Inspired by Innovation
4. Have Improved Perseverance
5. Be Confident of Themselves
6. Have Practical Knowledge
7. Develop Rational Decision-Making
8. Be Technologically Smart
9. Develop Self-learning ability

At O’Botz, learning is structured in a child-friendly environment, enabling children to experiment with robots, their electronics, their components etc. We allow them to learn at their own pace and ability.We have the right personnel with experience in child psychology and technical skills which they can impart at the right doses.

Here, robotics for kids is not a programmatic approach, but a non-linear, creative approach where exploration is encouraged, novelty is appreciated, and being different is celebrated.

At every stage of learning, we encourage children to perform at their best level, guiding them wherever needed, so that they develop the confidence to develop their projects as per their choice.With such a rewarding environment, no wonder O’Botz STEM Robotics is the perfect way to prepare your children for a bright future ahead.

You can avail Free Trial Class and let your child have first-hand experience of STEM robotics & coding.
Visit: https://bit.ly/2OHVHJC to set-up an online robotics class for your child.
For more information, please email us at [email protected] or browse our website www.obotz.ca