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Online Coding Classes for Kids during Covid-19 Closure
Online Coding Classes for Kids during Covid-19 Closure

Online Coding Classes for Kids during Covid-19 Closure

Every year parents are looking to keep their child engaged during Summer and avoid the loss of learning. But this is a ‘New Normal’. Earlier it was 2-3 months of Summer break, but now we have this extended and indefinite closure. As a parent, you can grab this opportunity to instill new skills in your child. Let’s talk about coding and how you can introduce it in your child’s life.

What is Coding?

In simple terms, coding is directing a computer to perform certain tasks through step-by-step commands. So, if you want mobile apps to respond to voice commands, you need coding. If you need a security lock to open with a specific password, you need coding. Coding is everywhere in this tech-driven world, and it is important for children to learn coding to stay relevant in the future.

There are coding toys for kids, coding robot, how to code online tutorials available for children to explore and develop their coding skills.

Why children should learn coding?

One of the reports indicate that 80% of the future jobs will demand technical skills, and coding is one great way towards digital literacy of children. Introducing children to coding gives them early access to how digital technology works. Many of the other benefits are related to how coding helps children to think and develop skills that they will need in future.

With the help of coding, children develop:

  • Problem-solving
  • Computational Thinking
  • Creative Skills
  • Logic & Analysis
  • Mathematical Skills
  • Perseverance
  • Collaboration

The demand for coders is increasing day by day and your child can expect a thriving career in the future if he/she develops coding skills.

How to introduce children to coding?

Initially, you might find it tough to make children sit and learn technical aspects of coding. However, many children have learnt it and once your child’s initial jitters are over, he/she will absolutely love it. Specially designed coding toys for kids help children reap the benefits of learning to code. During this closure, O’Botz is offering online coding classes for children to get introduced to coding and learn how to code online.

What can you expect in O’Botz Online Coding Classes?

O’Botz is a STEM-based Robotics program for children that teaches them Robotics and coding. It helps children to develop critical thinking, problem-solving and creative skills. We have trained instructors who help children learn how to code online. Limited number of students per class allows focused attention on your child.

You can avail Free Trial Class and get the first-hand experience.
To set-up an online robotics class for your child, please email us at [email protected]
For more information, visit: www.obotz.ca