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Coding for teens: What makes it a valuable skill for Children of Today?
Coding for Teens: A Crucial Skill for Today's Children

Coding for teens: What makes it a valuable skill for Children of Today?

Few years back, programming languages were a rare and untouched subject and very few people were aware of it. But time has changed. Technology has become the single most powerful tool for most of the professions. Even kids today have more knowledge of all the latest technologies and gadgets.

Talking of gadgets, all latest products and games are digitized and the meaning of gaming is changed. Earlier, it was not necessary for everyone to use gadgets, but as time is changing, these digitized gadgets have replaced most of the products which are used in day to day life. Simply put, these gadgets are called Robots. The study related to design, construction, operation and use of robots is called Robotics.

Robotics involves the knowledge of both coding (software) as well as hardware. Robotics is a wide area of study and it is very useful for kids and teenagers to get trained in this field. As robotics is the combination of many fields – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – the combination of these forces is called STEM robotics.

As robotics is a very new area, traditional school education cannot quite give students a good grip on the subject. So it is very important for students to get external help to learn and practice the art of coding. If your teenager seems interested in gadgets and curious to learn more about how to create them, you should motivate this curious nature and start searching for robotics courses.

The easiest way is to hop on google right now and do a ‘robotic classes near me’ search. If your child learns to code from a very young age, then he/she will be able to practice more and perfect it. Also if you want to really facilitate your child’s creativity with robots and further get them interested, buy them a few toys which are more related to robots.

There are many robot kits available for kids that use a little bit of technical knowledge and if your child is interested in robots then he/she is definitely going to enjoy those. Robotics for kids is very different than for teenagers.

For kids, it is important to learn how to use the robots so that they can play and enjoy. But as they grow up, they become more curious and they may want to learn and explore what else can be done with the robot to make it work in different ways.

For a younger learner, robotics is fun and gets them excited but for a teenager, it proves to be an essential skill that they can use not only in a career in technology, but in literally any field of work.

Want to know where to start? O’Botz is definitely one of the best options.

O’Botz is a STEM-based Robotics program for children that teaches them Robotics and coding. It helps children to develop critical thinking, problem-solving and creative skills for success in school and beyond. To set-up an online robotics class for your child, please email us at [email protected]
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