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Online Robotics Classes: A Great Way to Develop Your Childs STEM Skills
Online Robotics Classes: Develop Your Child's STEM Skills

Online Robotics Classes: A Great Way to Develop Your Childs STEM Skills

Learning never stops. Even in the most testing times, it is important for educational institutions to make sure that their pupils get a wholesome education and do not stop learning. The recent COVID-19 crisis has proved to be a tough speed bump in the way we live our day-to-day lives. Even so, finding solutions is more important than complaining about the conditions.

Conducting online classes and relying on the internet to conduct contact-less lectures has turned out to be a huge step forward in making education accessible for everyone from the comfort of their home. It is both a challenge and an exciting new way of learning. Most students are finding this new way of learning good and reliable, given the present conditions.

But the real question is, for most after school programs, do students have the same level of motivation? And is it possible, especially in case of STEM learning, to create the same kind of learning environment online?

O’botz has been carrying out robotics courses for a long time now and we have dedicated subject area experts who help making robotics for kids a fun and easy-to-learn experience. For us, online classes only mean a change of medium.

There are definitely some added efforts that are required to make online classes as smooth as normal classroom scenarios, like:

  1. Continued and timely communication
  2. Assignments and follow ups
  3. Student engagement activities
  4. Online study material
  5. Being available when the students need
  6. Making sure everyone is equally involved

But if you do it right, this could prove to be a great time for students to use their time efficiently and learn more things at just some clicks and taps. It is also a great way to keep their minds away from the fears and uncertainties of the situation that the world is going through. As for O’Botz, nothing can quite throw us off the path of serving our students with a wholesome and super fun robotics education!

O’Botz is a STEM-based Robotics program for children that teaches them Robotics and coding. It helps children to develop critical thinking, problem-solving and creative skills for success in school and beyond.

To set-up an online robotics class for your child, please email us at [email protected]
For more information, visit: www.obotz.ca