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Canadian Kids are Developing their Math & Science Skills with Robotics | OBotz
Canadian Kids Excel in Math & Science with OBotz

Canadian Kids are Developing their Math & Science Skills with Robotics | OBotz

Be it blocks, remote-controlled car or puzzles, children simply love to create using their imagination. If channelized properly, this desire of theirs can be used to develop a lifelong love for science and math. With the rise of innovative learning methods, academicians and parents are looking towards kids robotics to teach their children in novel ways.

Robotics for kids is interesting, engaging and gets your child really excited. But getting exposed to robotics is not just about having a fun time, it’s all about learning essential concepts of math and science. Let’s explore more.

Enhancing Math Capabilities

For many children, math does not come easy and naturally, especially when they have to go beyond the basic concepts. It becomes difficult for them as they progress in their grades. Kids robotics is helping address that concern.

While designing and building robotic models, children are exposed to the application of numbers, calculations and other math concepts. They get real-life application experience of how numbers and calculations work while working with different components. From simple calculations like addition, and subtraction to advanced inter-related concepts where they determine speed, accuracy, robotics for kids is an interactive means of letting children learn and develop their math.

Developing Love for Science 

Robotics is all about science and technology. While studying robotic courses and designing models, children explore various concepts of science and apply it in real life. If they design a robotic crane to lift materials, they have to apply their understanding of mass, force, speed, strength and more. If they are making a solar-powered car, they are using the concepts of electricity and harnessing solar power.

So, when a child works and progresses in their robotics, they explore finer and deeper aspects of science, which also developing their logic, judgment, analysis and application skills. If you wish to explore more and know why your child must learn robotics, click here.

Registering your child in O’Botz Robotics course is a great way to start your child’s journey in robotics. It is a multi-disciplinary program for children aged 8+ years and certain to develop your child’s academic aptitude.

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