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STEM Coding with Toys! Lego, Robots, Games & more!
STEM Coding with Toys! Lego, Robots, Games & more!

STEM Coding with Toys! Lego, Robots, Games & more!

You’ve definitely heard about all the effort it takes to teach anything related to computer science or coding skills to kids, doesn’t matter if they’re toddlers or teens.

Learning to code instils logical thinking skills in children, an interest in the digital world, and the capacity to solve difficult problems by breaking them down into smaller portions.

Learning coding may seem difficult, and in some ways it is, but not if you know what to do! Coding, and computational thinking in general, do not have to be limited to a computer screen! However, for parents interested in introducing their children to coding, incorporating hands-on educational games may dramatically improve their love for learning coding. There are plenty of coding toys for kids out there that can develop that love, and each one has some unique features to offer.

That being said, what are coding toys and how can a STEM coding toy, or a coding kit for kids be a real asset?

A coding toy is an engaging plaything whose primary objective is to educate children how to code, or at the very least, the fundamentals of algorithmic thinking and computational processes. What’s great about coding toys for kids is that they will learn all they need to know while doing things with their hands; and hands-on learning is widely recognised as an educational tool that works exceptionally well.

Here are some coding toys for kids that will help them learn basic coding concepts while having fun.

For children aged 3- 7 years:

BeeBot is a huge, friendly robot bee that teaches coding fundamentals such as sequencing and problem solving. Using left and right buttons, children can create programs to make the bee manoeuvre around the room and avoid obstacles.

Code-A-Pillar allows kids to create sounds and movement by rearranging segments of the caterpillar. The Code-A-Pillar is intended for kids aged 3 to 6 years and is meant to encourage exploration and problem solving.

Cubetto is intended to teach the LOGO language through the use of bricks that control a miniature wooden square robot. Cubetto comes with a world map and a storybook to teach kids the coding concepts they’ll need to assist the robot in finding his way home.

For children aged 8+ years:

Ozobots are little, pocket-sized robots that respond to colour-coded paper trails or digital patterns on a screen. This adds a creative element to coding by allowing children to draw mazes and create games for their robots.

Microduino’s mCookie
mCookies are magnetic electronic squares designed to work with Lego toys. Kids can use drag and drop code to power vehicles, robots, and just about anything else they can think of. mCookies also works with Arduino, an open source hardware and software platform used for a variety of creative electronic projects.

Coding toys can spark a child’s creativity and introduce them to the world of computers and robotics. Obotz, a Robotics & Coding Program for kids aged 8-18, similarly provides a hands-on learning environment for kids interested in learning more about coding. Contact us today to see how much fun coding can be!