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10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Coding Toys for Kids!
10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Coding Toys for Kids!

10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Coding Toys for Kids!

As a parent, you have probably heard the words ‘Coding Toys’ spoken frequently in your social
circles, right? But what are these ‘Coding Toys’ that everyone keeps going on about, and how
can they help your children?

Coding toys are designed to introduce your children to the basic concepts of STEM (Science,
Technology, Engineering, and Math) through educational play. There are many different kinds of
coding toys that encourage these STEM concepts, right from simple building blocks to complex
child-friendly robots.

These specially manufactured coding toys are designed to stimulate your children’s minds and
provide them with a better educational experience.

If you are considering buying new toys that promote learning and are also fun to play with then here are 10 reasons why you should invest in coding toys for kids

  • Offers New Challenges

How do robots work? Why not allow your children to build their own and find out? From simple
coding toys aimed at toddlers to robot-building kits for teens, STEM coding toys present new
and exciting challenges across all ages. Once your children master the concepts of a coding toy,
there’s always a more challenging one to play with.

  • Spend Quality Time Together

While a lot of STEM toys can be rather simple (puzzles or blocks), others that are a bit more
complex may require adult intervention. Complex coding toys often require both children and
parents to work together to solve the problems, spending quality time together in the process.

  •  Replace Passive Screens with Hands-On Activity

Replacing passive screen time with active hands-on play activity through coding toys is vital for
your children’s health as the WHO recommends that children should spend as little time sitting
in front of screens as possible. Playing with hands-on coding toys such as the O’Botz take-away
robotic kits can fire up your child’s mind, sparking off their imagination as well as improving their
practical thinking skills both in class as well as at home.

  •  Opens Up Your Children’s Imagination

With STEM careers being so high in demand there are a wide variety of STEM coding toys for
kids, making it so much more likely for you to find a toy that appeals to your children’s
imagination. Whether they are interested in technology, robotics, science, physics, astronomy,
mathematics, engineering, chemistry, or biology – there’s a toy for every child!

  •  Enhances Free Play

Open-ended coding toys such as robotic kits can help in enhancing your children’s imaginative
world. Children can build their own elaborate machines with our take-away robotic kits –
constructing feats of engineering in just a few minutes.

  •  Introduces Complex Concepts through Play

The simplest toys can help teach your children the basics of STEM concepts they’ll need further
on down the road – unknowingly or not. Using toy blocks can help in teaching shapes, ratios,
addition, subtraction, and building complex robots helps in instilling a basic understanding of

  •  Coding Toys Encompass Thousands of Options

Coding toys for kids aren’t limited to just computers and robots. Dolls, marble runs, magnetic
lines, and building blocks can all be considered STEM toys. Any toy that promotes an aspect of
these disciplines is a STEM toy. Check out our O’Botz Nano program to introduce your child to
STEM in a fun and playful way early on!

  •  Encourages Learning

Coding toys get the brain moving! Our students are presented with problems to solve,
guidelines to follow, and solutions to find – sometimes all at the same time. Children are
hard-wired to learn through play, and coding toys for kids help get the ball rolling on those
brand-new neural pathways.

  •  Develops Skills in Core Areas

Many educators believe that children learn about complex math concepts like geometry by
playing with simple wooden blocks. Nurture your children’s early motor skill development by
introducing them to shape sorters and other simple coding toys from a young age, you can even
opt to enroll them in early after school programs!

  •  Introduces Them to Career Possibilities

Allowing your children to play with coding toys will help them discover the bigger world through
their play, giving them new tools to explore and foster an interest in a future prospective career.
The meteoric demand for STEM careers in the last few decades has been nothing short of
incredible. Will tinkering with coding toys and building robots early on turn your child into a
future engineer? It is certainly possible! Introducing your child to a wide range of coding toys
can spark their imagination and foster an interest in STEM.

At the very least, investing in coding toys for kids can cultivate creativity, inspire imagination,
and most importantly – foster some fun