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Robotics & STEM Education Made Easy with our OBotz Program for Kids!
Unlock the World of Robotics & STEM with OBotz for Kids!

Robotics & STEM Education Made Easy with our OBotz Program for Kids!

Robotics can be very tempting for children who are not naturally inclined to the field of technology and engineering but are fascinated by robots. As a parent, you can help to foster this fascination by helping them learn coding which is extremely beneficial as machines are becoming an essential part of our tech-savvy world. Therefore, anyone who understands robots is a person whose unique skill set will be in great demand in the future. This makes STEM education all the more important at the elementary level, where students can learn the basics of robotics, coding and electronics.

Why You Should Enroll Your Child in a Robotics Program:

  • Hands-On Learning Approach

Most if not all adults tend to learn much easier when actively learning with their hands, this is the same with children. Robotics involves a completely a hands-on learning approach through a trial-and-error method that allows them to learn from their mistakes. Be it from the perspective of tightening the screws, debugging, and even solving any issues related to the physical model of the robot.

  • All STEM Education Fields are Inter-Connected

Robotics intersects the math, engineering, tech, and science fields altogether. Right from coding to designing a robot that completes the task it is designed to do is something that demands a higher interdisciplinary knowledge and makes the student go through a series of tasks based solely on learning by doing. Robotics, involving electronics and coding, is an integral part of STEM education that embodies problem-based learning and practical learning through experimentation.

  • Implementation of Robotics

So how do you actually introduce coding robots into the curriculum?
The idea is to expose students to problems whilst allowing them to see their curriculum’s theory at work right in front of them. Hence, a carefully designed curriculum is required, or else the niche understandings can easily overwhelm a learner who isn’t ready.

Here are 3 ways we at O’Botz allow for STEM-based learning through experiential learning:

  •  Teach Students to Build their Own Robots

This activity encourages creativity with our students having to think about how their STEM education can be applied to everyday use. This perfectly relates to how the real tech world market works and how they can actively work to solve problems through technology. Our students are taught how to build robots and make intelligent circuit connections that foster analytical thinking and creativity over the course of our program made up of seven different levels. The gradual progression through our program allows our students to draw upon their teachings and work at their own pace on their robotic kits, levelling up as they master each level.

  • Hold a Competition Based on Robot Functionality

This activity is designed to allow our students to showcase the skills they have acquired after being enrolled in our program through healthy competition. Our students are required to maximize efficiency and think creatively in building innovative machines after undergoing robotics training according to the level of robotics they are studying. Students are given tasks to complete using the knowledge and skills they have been taught over the course of their program, exposing them to a real-world competitive environment, allowing them to test their mettle against their peers!

  • Find Errors in a Given Code within a Time Limit

We design code for our annual Code Wars competition, after which we add specific errors to it and have our students find and fix the errors. This activity is designed to stimulate quick and decisive thinking with a clear problem-solving objective through healthy competition.

O’Botz introduces STEM education in its specially designed curriculum with the help of highly trained instructors who are trained to impart the right kind of training and knowledge to our students in a fun and engaging way. Don’t delay! We have everything your children need to design, build and program robots! Get in touch with us today to help make your children the builders of tomorrow!

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